Basak Silo System Conical Base Hopper Silo

Conical Base Hopper Silo

Tapered Silos can be used especially in installations such as animal farms, feed and flour mills that carry out storage operations of grain varieties. It is also very suitable for short-term and temporary grain storage purposes. Tapered grain storage silos are ideal for investors who want to store products in various specifications and at different densities, filling and discharging too often, due to the different tapered bottom angles and low cost of infrastructure concrete, as well as the ease of filling and unloading low volumes. Silo body sheets are manufactured from high quality sheets suitable for cold shaping of S350 GD + Z, 1335 KLT and G115 which are the world silo sheet standards and also provide superior corrosion resistance with options of 275gr / m2, 350gr / m2 and 450gr / m2 galvanized coatings. Tapered Silos have an angle of 45 or 60 in the form of a funnel, which allows the grain to flow with its own fluidity. However, 45-degree conical bottoms are used for grain, and 60-degree conical bottoms are used for feeding purposes, moist cereals or low-fluid materials.