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Basak Silo System       Turkey / Adana O.S.B Hilal Cad. No:17 Sarıçam          +90 322 394 3630            +90 322 394 3629            bss@basaksilo.com           http://www.basaksilo.com            Turkçe            English            فارسی            русский            عربى

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 Sales and Technical Support

Basak Silo System, We provide you with the first inspection, planning and design with experienced Sales and Technical Personnel and inform you about the order, financing, delivery and montage and there can be a turnkey price for the complete plant including one single silo production, basic construction and montage.

 Product Design and Production

Using Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Technology Basak Silo System Provides Product Quality, Productivity, Flexibility, Compatibility and Reliability with Innovative Designs and Production Techniques. All products are applied to Internationally Approved Standards.

 Customer Services

Basak Silo System, Long Belt believes that it will be possible to provide quality products and good service together with the satisfaction of domestic and international achievements and customer satisfaction.


About Us :

Our company, which acts as the distributor of different companies in 2003, has entered into a structure under the name of BAŞAK SILO SYSTEMS in Adana Hacı Sabancı Organize Sanayi Bölgesi as of 2008 and provides Turn Key Service to Domestic and International.

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    Flat Bottom Silo

Flat Based Silo Flat-Based Silos Provides low-cost storage with minimal installation cost ...  

    Conical Base Hopper Silo

Tapered Silos can be used especially in installations such as animal farms, feed and ...  

    Economical Conic Based Silo

It is preferred in animal factories and feed factories because of the small capacities ...  

 More Products


    Bucket Elevator

The Elevator Tower is the most important part of the Silo plant because it is the ...  

    Chain Conveyor

Chain conveyors, produced from galvanized and superior steel sheets, are used to ...  

    Motorized Clapper

Ideal design that will not block product flow. Possibility to check eleCatalog-TRical ...  

    Separator Distributor

Distributors are used to provide four or more flow paths with one or two entrances ...  

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